Coming Back

from by Sam Weinberg

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Where have you gone
Before this uneventful dawn?
I've walked with tongueless travelers on a hundred empty roads
I've trudged into a mirrored room through miles of falling snow
I've talked about transcendence in a dusty wooden tomb
I've carried on my back about a dozen weeping wounds
I've picked the flowers from the trees and placed them in my mouth
I've called to all the autumn leaves while dressed up as a clown
I've slept in freight trains goin' west while dreaming of the fall
I've ran through crowds and carnivals to summer's slumbering sprawl
Now I'm coming back to you
Not a moment too soon.

Who have you been
Before the winter's fitful end?
I've been a hunchbacked troubadour lonely but not alone
I've called myself the cavalry and fought the endless storm
I've been a hungry hunter who has killed before he maimed
I've been abroad since who knows when but I still don't know my name
I've sat on thrones with robes and crowns and called myself a king
I've been a homeless baronet who never learned to sing
Now I'm coming back to you
Not a moment too soon

What did you say
Before you met me in the rain?
I told myself to tangle up my memories with a bow
I've whispered to the stagehand can you help me find the show
I spoke with cordial businessmen they told me just you wait
I mumbled underneath my breath is this really the place
I asked my friend to show his so he peeled away his mask
I mentioned that I knew your name and waited for the laugh
I've uttered holy scriptures through the window of my mind
I've talked to noble artists who couldn't tell a lie
Now I'm coming back to you
Not a moment too soon.

What did you lose
Before the burning of the moon?
I parted with my camera lens and lived life through my eyes
I drank away my coffee cup in stunning record time
I gave away my guns and knives to Salvation Army homes
I lost the muscles on my limbs now I'm left with only bones
I squandered all my savings on a dream that won't come true
I forgot about the past, but there's one thing I can do
I'm coming back to you
Not a moment too soon.


from Leaves, released April 26, 2017



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Sam Weinberg

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